Who are the DFW Enlightened?

Ingress at the core is a social game. You're going to get off your couch, go to new places, and meet new people. While many people find success doing these things by themselves, you will find the game limits how much a single person can do, when compared to working as a team.

The DFW Enlightened community exists to promote teamwork and cooperation. We believe that everyone has a place. You can be the hardcore gamer willing to drive at 2 AM to take out a blue link, or the casual player who opens the game on the way home from work. No matter your play style the DFW Enlightened welcome you to join us.

We constantly work on improving the community. It is the key to organizing and socializing. When it is working it improves the fun everyone has. Sometimes it works great sometimes not so great. But we always are moving forward.

Life is full of could haves, should haves, would haves, but we want to have a ton of did that's in the DFW Enlightened Community.

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